Friday, May 2, 2008

Thing #23: Wrapping Up

Let's celebrate finishing the OCL Web Things Challenge by having a Web 2.0 style party. YouTube will provide the music and entertainment, and you can provide the blog comments and snacks.

In the last ten weeks, you have learned about new technologies that are changing the way people are using the Internet (and libraries).

The great (and sometimes frustrating) thing about the Internet is that it is always changing. The technology companies and bloggers are already working on a definition of what Web 3.0 will be.

The OCL Web Things Committee hopes that you enjoyed the Web Challenge and will continue to be a life long learner. Thank you for playing.

Discovery Exercise
This is your last required blog post, so make it a good one. What was your favorite thing you learned about? Conversely, what did you like least about Web 2.0? What areas of Web 2.0 do you think the library should get more involved in? What Web 2.0 services have you shared with your friends and family?

Advanced Optional Exercise
Look up Web 3.0 and predict what you think it will be.


sewinglady said...

Hey challenge team. Thanks for a great time. Elaine Salto has finished within the time period and even can say that she learned from the process. None if I can keep my passwords in my confussed mind, I will be good to go.

Robyn@BKY said...

WOOHHOOOO! It's over thanks for being a great Sensei! (Teacher)

smaley@TRYS said...

To the Web 2.0 committee - thanks from sunny Florida. You all did a great job and were all extremely helpful. I learned a great deal but what's more important - I have been introduced to tools I didn't know about so I can explore them further. I'm always trying to make the computer do what I want it to do and now I have the means to do some of that. I really want to look at OpenID, I just can't remember all these passwords. Thank you again.