Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Who can participate in the challenge? Can anyone?

The challenge is for staff members of the Ocean County Library ONLY. This includes Pages and Student Assistants as well. Non-employees who want to follow along and do the weekly activities are welcome to, but only employees of Ocean County Library qualify for prizes.

When you say blog about something, what is expected?

Some thoughtful comments for sure but exactly what you should write or how long your entry should be can vary. A blog post saying “it was interesting” and nothing else is not enough. A blog entry that goes on for hundreds of words is too much. Answer one of these sample questions if you’re stumped for what to write:

How would you use this at work or why wouldn’t you use this at work?

What would you say to someone else to convince them to use this?

How would you explain to a customer what this is about and what to use it for?

Web 2.0 tasks often inspire things the originals designers never thought of, like shared online spreadsheets to keep track of Little League schedules. What is your idea for something new connected to this task?

What would you suggest as an improvement to make it faster, easier, more useful, etc.?