Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to OCL Web Challenge

Welcome to the Ocean County Library Web Challenge. We are glad that you are joining us on this fun adventure where you will learn all about what web 2.0 is.

So what is Web 2.0?

Watch this video clip on YouTube:

You just watched a video with computer book publisher Tim O’Riley. He is credited with coming up with the name of Web 2.0. In this video, he gives a simple answer. To him it means “users add value.”

So what does that exactly mean?

That helps make the definition of Web 2.0 make even more sense. Web 2.0 is how the internet is used to connect people and allows them to create content to share with others. Some examples of Web 2.0 that you might have encountered or regularly use are:

• Watching a video on YouTube
• Creating and editing Wiki articles
• Sharing pictures online with Flickr or Picasa
• Joining a social community like MySpace or Facebook to network with your friends or coworkers.
• Posting and commenting to a blog
• Downloading and listening to a podcast on your computer or iPod

If you have ever done any of these online, you are already experiencing Web 2.0. if you regularly do any of these, you have already mastered Web 2.0!

Web 2.0 allows people to share information through the Internet in a way that allows people to comment and connect with others.

Ocean County Library’s Web Challenge is designed to help people to learn about these exciting technologies that are changing the way the web is used.

Why should I get involved?

Good question. We have answers. Think of the fun that you can have. Think of the free professional development, think of the personal growth!
Still not convinced?

How about prizes? We will have a grand prize of a Nintendo Wii for one lucky winner who completes the Web Challenge. Everyone who completes their learning activities on time will be eligible for a prize.

The purpose of this blog is to help you with this self-paced learning and exploration of Web 2.0 tools. This online learning program is open to all Ocean County Library staff. Participants may begin working on their “23 Things” starting on March 3 and should complete their learning activities and assignments by May 30. In order to be eligible to win the Wii, you have to have everything finished by May 30!

This Web Challenge will ask you to complete 23 “Things” or Web 2.0 tools. Each Thing will show you one more web tool. There are many places for you to explore, experiment with, and think about creative ways to use 2.0 tools in your daily life.

Each week’s “Thing” begins with a brief explanation of a new Web 2.0 concept, followed by a Discovery Exercise. These exercises give you the background you need to understand what you have just learned. Don’t skip them! After the Discovery Exercises, you’ll find a Thing — activity — to complete. After each Thing, you will write about the experience on your new blog that you will create. Don’t worry; the first discovery exercise is setting up a blog! The web challenge team is here to help.

In other words, you will comment or “post” to your online blog. You will learn how to set up a blog in week two. This is a tool to communicate your thoughts, new found skills, ideas, questions, and favorite websites. You’ll receive feedback and encouragement from other participants. In turn, you will provide feedback and encouragement to others. It’s your space!

This is an independent discovery program which encourages participants to take control of their experience and getting a chance to play at the same time. Participants are encouraged to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques, and “how to’s” with other Web 2.0 challengers in person and through their blogs. This course is web-based and not tied to any particular computer, so you can work on it whenever and wherever you want.

Do you need help? If you have any difficulty or need some assistance that you can’t resolve with your fellow “classmates”, call for help from these instructors:

  • Chris Barnes : TR ext. 5907

  • Elizabeth Cronin : TR ext. 5120

  • Lara Fletcher : PL ext. 3601

  • Sally Harrison : BD ext. 6603

  • Jill Ingraham : STF ext. 8600

  • Kristen Kirk : TR ext. 5312

  • Elizabeth Thompson : LAK ext. 2100

  • Glynis Wray : TR ext. 5122

They are more than happy to help you, as they are the facilitators for this “journey.”

Next up: Thing #1


Anonymous said...

Great start! Please consider editing this post a bit -(why am I being welcomed to the blog in the 5th or 6th paragraph?) Also check the "thank you" to Charlotte "we have borrowed a lot their hard work".

Anonymous said...

This is actually a question. I am using blogger and did something rather stupid. Many of my posts and page elements pertained to an individual with whom I got into a tift. Without thinking my actions through, I deleted about 25% of my blog without saving my info elsewhere. Fortunately, one of my friends printed out everything I originally had up so I can retype stuff. I was just wondering, though, does google save cached pages of blogs so I would have been able to retrieve my data, anyway?

OCL Web Things said...

I've done the same thing and found out the hard way that Blogger doesn't back up your blog posts in case of accidental deletion. In the future, you might try writing your blog in a word processor program, save the document and do the old cut&paste into a post. You could also set up the Mail-To-Blogger feature (Settings tab, Email page) as another backup method.


delores said...

I'm trying to post an existing photo to my blog and am having no success. HELP!!!!!

OCL Web Things said...

have you checked out blogger's help page?
If that doesn't answer your questions send us an email.