Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing #10 - Technology Blogging

You've tried a lot of new things in the first weeks of the challenge. Now we're asking you to express yourself about technology on your own blog and comment on someone's else blog.

Discovery Resources:

Not sure of what to blog about? Looking for a technology related topic to get started? Here are some places to look around. Each has a different approach. If you have something in mind, go straight ahead and blog about it.

Interested in some serious ideas about what will impact libraries?

  • Read 20 Things to Watch by Stephen Abram for his list of what will be the important technologies to affect libraries in the near future.

More interested in personal technologies (including fun stuff)?

  • The New York Times Personal Tech page. David Pogue's weekly article and email newsletter are a great source of technology news that doesn't expect you to be an expert. His newsletter is a good reason to sign up for a free NY Times account.
Want to see a variety of blogs on all sorts of technology topics?
  • Visit this list of some popular blogs on technology you could explore.
Discovery Exercise:
  1. For Thing #10, simply blog about anything technology related. Yes, it can be anything that relates to technology! Just share a few thoughts. If you are unsure of what we expect of a successful blog entry, check out the second of our Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Add at least one comment to another participant's blog or to one of the committee members's blogs. That's what online communities are all about - connecting and communication.
    Where can you find links to the blogs? Scroll down the page at this Web Challenge blog. On the right, below the Timeline, the Labels and the Useful Links, you'll find links to the blogs belonging to the Web Challenge committee members. Keep going down and below the RSS Feed links and the Blog Archive links you'll find links to the Player Blogs.

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